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Hear Her Sports Glenville Podcast

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Hear Glenville Her SportsMadison Residency Artist Elizabeth Emery, who is locally based here in Cleveland, needs your help reaching young girls and women 10-110 years of age. Her project, Hear Her Glenville, will provide the opportunity for young girls to tell their story about their athletic aspirations, and women that are fit and active to share the experiences about what that has meant or means to them.
Elizabeth, herself a retired professional athlete, knows first hand the struggles women face in spots, an industry dominated by men that receive hire pay and recognition than women. A familiar story in most industries, Elizabeth’s project aims to help young women build confidence and empower them in their pursuits, but more importantly provide them with a platform to speak of their experiences and move forward successfully.
YWCA Greater Cleveland has committed to help Elizabeth and her project as well. As you know the YWCA is leading the empowerment of women and is celebrating 150 years this year in Cleveland. The podcast recordings will be shared throughout Cleveland at various listening stations, as well as at listening parties at the FRONT Porch. Programs and panels will allow these women to discuss their stories in person, and Elizabeth has been working on donations for items like sports bras and health bars for the girls. These are just a few ways to have important dialogues of health through exercise. Elizabeth’s story in focused on the voices in the Glenville community.
Please help Cleveland and the region, Hear Her Sports Glenville stories. Tell neighbors, parents, friends, share with your network, or if you are having a meeting and would like Elizabeth to come share her project, or if you would like distribute the attached flyer. A drop in session will be held to sign up for the recording sessions on May 30, 3-6 pm at the FRONT Porch. Fresh fruit and healthy snacks will be on site. Come after school or work. Attached is a flyer that you can share with others. It provides instructions to also sign up online. You can learn more about Elizabeth’s work on her website.
Thank you in advance for your help on this important work and supporting the artists of FRONT as they are inspired and committed to support the vitality of Cleveland.