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Uplifting Leaders (Who Happen To Be Women)

In Uplifting Leaders (*Who Happen to be Women), authors Barbara Brown and Margaret Flynn share a unique collection of stories and advice from 25 of the nation's most accomplished and influential women about those who uplifted them and those they uplifted as they advanced in their careers.

All net proceeds from the book will be donated to the YWCA Greater Cleveland to support the education of young women transitioning out of foster care through the YWCA of Greater Cleveland's NIA Program (Nurturing Independence and Aspirations) in recognition of BrownFlynn's 20th anniversary. Click HERE to purchase Uplifting Leaders.

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About the Authors

Since founding BrownFlynn, Barb Brown and Margie Flynn have embodied tenacity, resilience, passion, and integrity. They capitalized on their drive and complementary strengths to build a business focused on doing well by doing good .They are true pioneers.

From 1990-1995, they were one of the first job-sharing partners in corporate America. While promoted and supported by most of executive management, a new Chairman/CEO was selected...and out with the job share. Not to be dissuaded, the two continued pioneering and became entrepreneurs. By signing a sizeable contract with their former employer, they each invested a mere $500 and launched BrownFlynn in January 1996.

Under Barb's and Margie's leadership, BrownFlynn began as generalists, providing strategic change management communications services to Northeast Ohio companies. In 1998, they challenged themselves to market toward their passion helping companies embrace strategic community relationships while delivering a tangible return on investment. Dubbing themselves a community relationship management consulting firm, the company advised clients on strategic philanthropy, employee volunteerism, non-profit partnerships, and signature programs all while communicating clients efforts to improve their reputation, engage their employees, and develop partnerships to enhance their license to operate.

Wanting to measure the value of their work, BrownFlynn began utilizing an international standard for corporate responsibility reporting, the Global Reporting Initiative (GRI). During this same time, the term corporate citizenship took on more meaning not just philanthropy, but social and environmental responsibility, or sustainability. Some corporations were skeptical about the financial benefit to being environmentally and socially responsible. However, in 2009, recognizing a need and opportunity to educate the corporate sector on sustainability s financial benefits, BrownFlynn became the first U.S. certified training partner for GRI. Since that time, Barb and Margie have evolved the company further as a corporate sustainability and governance consulting firm serving global and national clients.

The company has been actively involved in numerous sustainability initiatives, including among others serving as an inaugural Advisory Partner to the Sustainability Accounting Standards Board, the only U.S. consultancy partner to Ecovadis (a global leader in sustainable supply chain assessments), and a founding member of the U.S. Business Council for Sustainable Development. In addition, BrownFlynn established a strategic partnership with Sustainserv, a Zurich- and Boston-based sustainability consulting firm to expand its global reach and provide a wider array of services to its clients.

BrownFlynn's transformation demonstrates Barb's and Margie's drive to innovate and ability to provide creative solutions for clients. Never satisfied with the status quo, they and their tremendously capable team seek to expand and diversify their business by listening to clients, following global trends, speaking at national conferences, and identifying differentiation opportunities. And, every step of the way, they never lose sight of their firm s vision to create a world where all companies operate in a manner that enables current and future generations to thrive.




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