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Why Quest

Quest provides skills that managers need in order to successfully get work done through others. Leading a team requires an understanding of group dynamics, coaching, performance management, and organizational influence.  

Who Should Attend

Quest is ideal for new managers, experienced managers who have not had formal training, and those who could use support making the transition from individual contributor to a leader of others.

Program Overview

 Sessions Oct 2017 - March 2018
Orientation/Strength Finder-Teamwork
Communicating with Confidence and Credibility
Cultural Competency/Managing Unconscious Bias
Leading with Emotional Intelligence
Assessing Leadership (360) / Practices of Exemplary Leaders
Develop & Manage Capacity for Personal Change
Stress Management / Self-Care for Leaders
Leadership & Gender in the Workplace
Leading Multiple Generations
Managing Cross-Cultural Conflict
Negotiating for Success 
Being Strategic and Understanding Organizational Change 
Evening Reception with Quest Alumnae 
Executive Presence / Packaging Yourself for Leadership
Developing Your Team: Mentoring and Coaching
Developing Your Personal Leadership Plan
Closing Session & Graduation 
Oct 12, 2017
Oct 13, 2017
Nov 10, 2017
Nov 10, 2017
Dec 7, 2017
Dec 8, 2017
Dec 8, 2017
Jan 12, 2018
Jan 12, 2018
Feb 15, 2018
Feb 15, 2018
Feb 16, 2018
March 1, 2018
March 15, 2018
March 15, 2018
March 16, 2018
March 16, 2018
Dates subject to change.

Tuition for Quest is $3,750 per individual and includes materials, assessments and meals for all sessions.

Registration for the Quest 2017-2018 session is open until September 15, 2017. Interested applicants may find applications here.  The number of participants per program are limited in order to provide a personally tailored experience which allows ample time for one-on one and small group interactions with faculty and leaders.

Applications are accepted on a first-come basis; a limited number of scholarships are available for participants from non-profit organizations. You may apply for the scholarship during the online application process.


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Heather Steranka-Petit
Manager, Learning Programs 216.881.6878

Twyla Turner
Operations Coordinator, 216-881-6878


Heather Steranka-Petit
Manager, Learning Programs

Women's Leadership programs:



In 2016, women now make up 47% of the American workforce and are the equal if not primary breadwinners in 40% of families. 

In 2014, 4.6% of Fortune 500 CEO, 14.6% of Fortune 500 executive officer positions, and 17% of board seats were held by women.

In Northeast Ohio in 2015, from a survey of 85 local employers, only 16.2% of board members, 14.5% of senior management, and 8.5% of suppliers were non-white (GC Partnership, COEI)

In a 2016 Washington Post survey, 88% of black Americans believe there is still work to be done for black Americans to achieve equal rights, while only 53% of white Americans agreed.


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