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Developing & Leading Resilient Teams

How do some teams bounce back to high performance levels quickly after a significant organizational change while others sink into dismal performance and an even worse ‘woe is us’ attitude? Communicating in work-based relationships is a critical function within organizations. Since we spend a significant portion of our time working in teams, we must learn to make that time productive. This break-out session will help participants understand how to develop, participate in and lead cohesive and resilient teams. The workshop will also address the factors that influence team dynamics, present the stages in team development and provide tools to effectively assign roles and responsibilities within teams.

Presented by Dr. Ellen Burts-Cooper (bio) and Stacy Ward-Braxton (bio)


The Working Woman's Guide to Resilience

Are you one of the 92%* of working women who say they feel overwhelmed by their professional and personal responsibilities?  After interviewing hundreds of successful women, JJ DiGeronimo shares key lessons for a personalized and abundant journey from her book The Working Woman’s GPS. This session provides attendees with a roadmap to get from where they are now to where they want to go. With practical tips and actionable strategies, attendees can leverage their own assessments to fine-tuning their current choices and situations to prepare for their desired growth and attainment. Women who have leveraged these findings have secured promotions, chosen new careers and redefined their choices for a more fulfilling life.
* A recent survey by Forbes Magazine and Bump.com

Presented by JJ DiGeronimo (bio)


The Authentic Brand: You

Connecting the personally meaningful to our daily work is a key component of motivation. A resilient leader strengthens that connection by learning and leveraging her unique brand. In this engaging and interactive Break-Out session, participants will discover their individual authentic leadership brands, explore the fears that hold them back from taking risks, learn how to draw courage from their personal brands and develop personal resilience strategies to overcome failure. Through guided coaching and workbook exercises, participants will learn how to create and apply their personal brands and resilience strategies to a myriad of situations, ranging from the workplace to the home.

Presented by Henna Inam (bio)

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