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The Early Learning Center has a staff dedicated to the age-appropriate learning and nurturing care of your child.


Lead Teachers

Tracy Mosley
Jannine Farbs
Melanie Bruss



Danelle Wilson
Brittany Lampkin
Fran Cooper



Jakalyn Thomas


Center Co-Administrators

Carol Lyles
Beverly Wright-Baker


Family Engagement Advocate

Latisha Gomez
Rodney Dial 



Donald Williams, Sr.



Frontline Service

Early Childhood Mental Health Consultant - Samantha Scheutzow




The Early Learning Center has a whole-child approach to teaching preschoolers, accounting for their mind, body and soul. We celebrate the diversity of children and encourage them to learn about and respect differences.

Preparing children for kindergarten comes naturally in our classrooms. YWCA preschool teachers help children internalize routines and rules to help them get along with others. Teachers also help children understand that there are many different ways to learn and be successful. We want each child to find their own success and build their self-esteem through that particular kind of success.


Pre-K prepares children to enter kindergarten by teaching self-help skills, developing their attention spans and fostering learning independence. Children develop a love of learning while they become accustomed to working independently, participating in group activities and completing interest-based projects. Teachers help children understand the daily routines of a structured classroom while still focusing on child-center, creative learning.

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Beverly Wright-Baker
Center Director

Carol Lyles
Center Administrator


“It’s easier to go back to work when you feel good about the care that your child is receiving.”
- ELC parent


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