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Women's Leadership Workshop Series

Inclusive Leadership

Women make up 51% of the population and 48% of the workforce, but only 36% of all managers are women. YWCA Women's Leadership Institute workshop series empowers women to turn challenges into career-building opportunities. 

Location: YWCA Greater Cleveland
Time: 11:30am - 1pm (doors open at 11:15am for registration and networking)
Cost: $50 per workshop, which includes lunch. Register for the full 6-workshop series by January 8 for only $250, receiving 6 for the price of 5.


Workshop Schedule

(topics and dates to be announced in November 2017 for programs scheduled in January 2018)



This session is FULL - Registration now closed for January 25  |  The Balancing Act: Refining your work-life balance
Facilitator: TBA

  • Start the new year with tools, tips, and strategies to develop work-life balance. 
  • Get an introduction to Stress Management and Self-Care.

February 22 |  First Take, Second Look: Understanding unconscious bias
Facilitator: Heather Steranka-Petit

  • Unconscious or implicit bias has been dominating conversations recently. Gain a deeper understanding of bias and how to recognize and overcome bias in yourself and your team.

This session is FULL - Registration now closed for March 22

March 22  |  Think Bravely, Lead Confidently: Breaking barriers for women leaders

Panel of Multiple Speakers

  • Chart a path for your own future leadership development
  • Learn how to ask the right questions, identify your key strengths, and become a role model. 
  • Learn how to develop meaningful relationships and grow confidence in order to lead with purpose.
  • Lead and collaborate with multiple generations in the workplace.


This Session is FULL - Registration now closed for April 26

April 26  |  Empowering Creative Teams
Facilitator: Rebecca Calkin

  • Foster an environment of innovation, creativity, and ideas outside-of-the-box.
  • Inspire employees who self-identify as "not creative" to find their niche in creative groups.


May 24  |  The Power and Passion of a Civic-Minded Philanthropic Leader
Panel of Multiple Speakers and Organizations

  • Tools and best practices for philanthropic leadership, volunteering, gift-giving, and serving on a board.

June 28  |  Perfectly Suited for a Promotion: Building a professional image from head to toe
Facilitator: Twyla Turner

  • Steps and tools to building a professional wardrobe, presentation, and image that can boost your chance for workplace success.




Heather Steranka-Petit
Manager, Learning Programs

Women's Leadership programs:



In 2016, women now make up 47% of the American workforce and are the equal if not primary breadwinners in 40% of families. 

In 2014, 4.6% of Fortune 500 CEO, 14.6% of Fortune 500 executive officer positions, and 17% of board seats were held by women.

In Northeast Ohio in 2015, from a survey of 85 local employers, only 16.2% of board members, 14.5% of senior management, and 8.5% of suppliers were non-white (GC Partnership, COEI)

In a 2016 Washington Post survey, 88% of black Americans believe there is still work to be done for black Americans to achieve equal rights, while only 53% of white Americans agreed.


We are on a mission for social justice. Get involved!