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Leadership & Inclusion Initiatives

YWCA Greater Cleveland is deeply committed to its mission of eliminating racism and empowering women. Two of the programs which strive to accomplish that mission are the Women's Leadership Initiative and the Racial Inclusion Initiative.

About Women's Leadership Initiative

This program empowers women to become effective leaders by providing them with essential skills and strategies for personal and professional growth. Our Women's Leadership Initiative was created to address and overcome current gender disparities in business leadership. By helping individuals and businesses to maximize the leadership potential of their female employees, we are serving as a catalyst for the advancement of women in the workplace and the community.

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About Racial Inclusion Initiative

This program provides community members, businesses and organizations with the tools and strategies to become change agents in support of ending racism through productive, informed dialogue about race relations. Our Racial Inclusion Initiative was created to address and overcome persistent racial inequities in the workplace. As we help create a more diverse and inclusive environment in places of business, we are bringing about lasting changes in people's attitudes and behavior, both on the job and in their community.

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Erica Merritt
Associate Director,
Leadership & Inclusion Initiatives

Women's Leadership programs:

 Racial Inclusion programs:


Percentage of 2013 Women's Leadership Conference participants who stated they will attend again next year.


The number of women Fortune 500 CEOs.


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